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Why Organization should move to Cloud?

Cloud Technologies are becoming a major investment for all kinds of organizations as it requires less infrastructure and resources for maintenance. Cloud service is provided over the internet by a third-party provider, where users can access computing resources such as storage, processing power, and software applications remotely.  Cloud Service Provider owns and manages the infrastructure, …

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Colocation V/S Cloud Solutions – A comparison

CLOUD Computing The Cloud refers to servers that are accessed remotely over the network. Cloud is a version of computing where servers, storage, networks, developmental tools, and software application are enabled through the internet. Cloud servers are located in Data Centers over the world and are meant to operate as a single ecosystem. ADVANTAGES OF …

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Cloud Bursting

What is Cloud Bursting? Cloud Bursting is a configuration method that enables private cloud resources to use the public cloud whenever on-premises infrastructure reaches its peak. DevOps tools like configuration management are used to specify the capacity threshold or trigger event that will activate Cloud Bursting. These cloud bursting can be triggered automatically in reaction …

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