Is moving your On-premise infrastructure to the Cloud the right choice?

Cloud is the on-demand availability of computer resources over the internet without any direct active management by the user, i.e., resources like server, storage, database, software’s. etc. are shared over the internet to end users by deploying cloud hosted virtual machines.

What is a Cloud Hosted Virtual Machines?

A cloud hosted Virtual Machine is a Virtual Desktop running on a dedicated server hosted to cloud computing in a secured datacenter where you can access all your resources via the internet without having a hands-on access to the equipment. A cloud based virtual desktops provide improved security to your data and are more reliable than having a local machine.

Benefits of Moving to Cloud Computing:


Cloud computing provides you virtual computing with scalability where it doesn’t require investment in physical resources such as Physical Data Storage, Cabinets / Racks or even maintenance such as cooling which provides significant savings.


Perhaps these days security has become the major concern for organization to adopt cloud computing, but cloud computing provides a higher level of security to your data as it is hosted in a data center where it is provided with layers of physical and virtual security which is impossible to have a data theft or breach.


One of the major advantages of moving to cloud computing is its availability and accessibility, as all your applications and data are stored and hosted in the cloud which gives an advantage of work from anywhere concept where all your data are available and accessible 24/7 around the globe via internet.


Another benefit of cloud computing is faster deployment, as a cloud computing user you will be provided with a cloud portal where you can manage your cloud hosted virtual desktop like adding additional storage, additional memory and likewise which is deployed faster with no downtime of service whereas on-premises required a downtime for every upgrade


Cloud computing provides business collaboration, as the ability to communicate and file sharing has become easier and simpler. If working on a project for different locations, cloud collaboration provides different cloud services for communication and file sharing where file can be accessed across the globe easily and securely.


Highly qualified and skilled cloud IT experts will be a part of your team in a case where you need support for your cloud infrastructure.

To conclude, having an on-premise server infrastructure might have a greater control of your equipment but it is expensive in terms of server maintenance such as server upgrade, power, cooling and internet and also lacks security that cloud computing can provide, moving to cloud has a benefits of cost saving, flexible scalability, security, support and improved efficiency.

As cloud computing is hosted on a secured data center, this provides additional physical and virtual security where in on-premises, data stored is vulnerable to theft or breach. Cloud Computing has a security protection program where every virtual desktop, firewall is monitored 24×7 eliminating vulnerable attacks like DDoS and keeps the intruders away from accessing your data.