Cloud Cryptography

Cloud Cryptography is encryption that safeguards data stored within the cloud thus securing sensitive data without delaying the delivery of information. Any data hosted by cloud providers are secured with encryption, permitting users to access shared cloud services securely and conveniently. Hence Cloud cryptography is an essential parameter for cloud solutions.

Necessary measures are being implemented by Data Centers within cloud cryptography which adds a robust layer of protection to secure data to avoid being breached, hacked or affected by malware.

Cryptography is based on three algorithms:

  • Symmetric Key Cryptographic Algorithm

Authentication and authorization to the data is encrypted with a single unique key that cannot be encrypted with any other keys.  Data Encryption Standard (DES), Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) are the most popular Symmetric-key Algorithms which are used in cloud computing for cryptography. Symmetric key Cryptographic Algorithm is used in Banking sectors and Data Storage Services / Providers

  • Asymmetric Key Cryptographic Algorithm

This algorithm uses two different sets of keys for encryption and decryption process to secure data on the cloud. The algorithms used for cloud computing are Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA), RSA and Diffie-Helman Algorithm. Asymmetric key cryptographic Algorithm is used in key exchange, Email security, Web security and other encryption systems that require key exchange over the public network

  • Hashing

It is mainly used for indexing and recovering items in a database. It also utilizes two separate keys for encrypting and decrypting a message.

How Cryptography Secures Cloud Data? 

Cryptography applies a level of security to cloud services by protecting encrypted data. Organizations define cryptographic protocols for their cloud computing to maintain a balance between security and efficiency.

It is impossible to take Physical control over the cloud. The only way to secure information is to protect it with cryptography while maintaining control over the cryptographic key.

Some Data Encryption Methods adopted  in cloud cryptography:

  • Pre Encrypted Data
  • End to end Encryption
  • File Encryption
  • Full Disk Encryption

While looking for a Cloud Infrastructure Solution for your Organizations ensure that you choose services that  adopt such data encryption methods.