Endpoint Backup and Recovery Solution

Endpoint Solution refers to securing the end-user devices like servers, desktops or laptops from malicious attacks or from security breaches. In an Enterprise network Endpoint solution act as a point of access to all network access and user access providing security from unwanted access to network or devices. They secure endpoints from ransomware and zero‑day threats with an easy‑to‑use cloud‑based console and also help in retrieving vital company data in event of hardware failure or theft.

Benefits of Endpoint solution on Cloud platform: –

  • Enables end-users as well as administrators to recover from any kind of data losses with automatic hourly or daily backup options with Advanced Encryption and file-level recovery options.
  • Backups are made incrementally thus avoiding duplication of backups resulting in lesser bandwidth usage. Your Backup data are encrypted in transit and also at rest with supported File-level Encryption.
  • Deploy Multiple Endpoint, Administrate and control Backups from a single command centre console.

Features that make Endpoint Backup Solutions different from Antivirus solutions:

  • End user access with self-service restore
  • Run when idle
  • Global duplication & data compression
  • Incremental backup
  • Data loss prevention as well as misuse of data with remote wipe
  • Protection from malware & data loss with data rollback
  • Global endpoint location tracking (e.g., for mobile endpoints/ laptops)

Use cases of Endpoint Solutions

  • Continuity of remote works
  • Data Protection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Management
  • In event of ransomware attacks
  • In case of endpoints getting lost or damaged

Why Endpoint Backup and Recovery Solutions are vital for Businesses?

In most advanced Endpoint protection solutions backups are stored in Encrypted cloud which uses AES 256 Bit Encryption Algorithm adding another layer of security to your data, protecting from ransomware and other cyberattacks. Geo-locate, encrypt and remotely wipe data on endpoint devices in case of loss or theft and rapidly recover devices from backup anywhere around the world with our endpoint backup and restore solution. This ensures that your company data is safe and secure and does not get lost or misused.