cloud security

Embracing Cloud Computing

A Catalyst for IT Network Growth In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses and individuals alike are turning to cloud computing as a transformative solution to enhance their IT networks. Cloud computing offers a pack of benefits, ranging from cost efficiency to scalability, making it a cornerstone of modern IT infrastructure. Let’s delve into why …

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Cloud-Native Security and Usage

Cloud-native security refers to the set of practices, technologies, and strategies designed to secure applications and infrastructure in a cloud-native environment. Cloud-native refers to developing and deploying applications using cloud services and leveraging cloud-native technologies like containers, and serverless computing. With the increasing adoption of cloud computing, ensuring robust security measures becomes essential to protect …

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Cloud Bursting

What is Cloud Bursting? Cloud Bursting is a configuration method that enables private cloud resources to use the public cloud whenever on-premises infrastructure reaches its peak. DevOps tools like configuration management are used to specify the capacity threshold or trigger event that will activate Cloud Bursting. These cloud bursting can be triggered automatically in reaction …

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