cloud security

Cloud Bursting

What is Cloud Bursting? Cloud Bursting is a configuration method that enables private cloud resources to use the public cloud whenever on-premises infrastructure reaches its peak. DevOps tools like configuration management are used to specify the capacity threshold or trigger event that will activate Cloud Bursting. These cloud bursting can be triggered automatically in reaction …

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Blind spots in Cloud Computing – Ways to find and eliminate them

As every organization moves their server infrastructure to a cloud platform for its advantages, availability and features, it is also necessary to know about the Blind Spots of cloud. A Blind Spot may be explained as a certain segment in a network or system where the intruders see it as a loophole which can compromise …

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Cloud Cryptography

Cloud Cryptography is encryption that safeguards data stored within the cloud thus securing sensitive data without delaying the delivery of information. Any data hosted by cloud providers are secured with encryption, permitting users to access shared cloud services securely and conveniently. Hence Cloud cryptography is an essential parameter for cloud solutions. Necessary measures are being …

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