Work From Anywhere using Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer resources over the internet(cloud) without any direct active management by the user, i.e., resources like server, storage, database, software’s..Etc is shared using cloud (over internet) to end users.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Remote workers


An organization having its own datacentre has to take some resources offline for regular service maintenance. On the other hand cloud computing gives employees 24/7 access to resources that they need to get their job done. Employees working from home may need resources from their work place, With Cloud Computing all the resources can be shared to employees to do their job.


Cloud computing is ideal for administrative teams that cannot access a physical location, such as a server room, or that are spread out across locations. Cloud computing enable the administrator’s to scale the resources according to the increase in employees or according to the requirements of the employees.

Scalability in cloud computing can be described as Vertical and horizontal scaling.

Vertical scaling refers to adding CPU, memory or I/O resources to the server. i.e., increasing the capacity for existing hardware or software by adding resources

Horizontal scaling refers to adding more servers to meet your needs. i.e., adding additional instances instead of moving to a larger instance size.


On-premise data servers can be expensive for business to purchase and maintain. As companies are looking for inexpensive way to store their resources rather than spending on their own data servers, cloud computing steps in as an in-expensive way to meet their needs.


The main benefit of cloud computing is that it is built with keeping cyber security in mind. Cloud computing give users the ability to designate security measures, such as setting up user permissions, encrypting data, and other measures to prevent security threats. Administrators can also set identity and an access policy to all individual employees to ensure what they can and cannot access.

How Technology has made Easy to ‘Work From Anywhere’?

With the available technology today, working from anywhere is easier than ever. It helps you stay connected with clients, conference meetings, co-workers and can also work with the resources using cloud.

With the COVID outbreak, everything has changed. The pandemic has allowed employers and employees to implement the concept of work from anywhere across the globe. Work from anywhere has been a widespread since technology has allowed people to connect their computers and work remotely.

Factors made Work From Anywhere easy

  • Communication
  • Productivity tracking
  • Self-Learning
  • Work-life balance
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Security

Major Cloud Computing Services which helps the Concept of Work From Anywhere

VMware Cloud

VMware Cloud gives you ultimate flexibility to migrate to any cloud, run apps on every major hyper scale cloud, and access hundreds of innovative cloud-native services to drive app modernization. Choose the optimal cloud for your apps with the option to deploy natively or on proven VMware infrastructure.

Citrix Cloud

Citrix Cloud is a cloud-based platform for managing and deploying Citrix products and desktops and applications to end users using any type of cloud, whether public, private or hybrid, or on-premises hardware. The product supports cloud-based versions of every major Citrix product.