Multi-Cloud Strategy in Cloud Platforms

Know the Advantages

Open sources

Using open-source technologies developed by community likes Kubernetes is a safe bet for cloud user and their provider. They pave the way for the development of standards that facilitate the adoption of the multi cloud in a vendor agnostic environment.

Reduce Provider Lock-in

When you choose to use a specific technology, or the services of a cloud    provider, then you are, tied-in to their user agreement, however with Multi-Clouding you will have the freedom to terminate the partnership or switch to another provider when the set-up doesn’t meet your requirements. Being able to smoothly migrate your infrastructure in the particular case of a startup merger or acquisition is also an advantage that you have in this set-up.

Leveraging the best of each cloud provider

There is freedom to choose from the multi cloud offers enables you to select the services or products that best suit your infrastructure. Using managed services will make it easier for you to coordinate and integrate cloud platforms to your infrastructure. Thus, by delegating the maintenance tasks you will save time, increase productivity and efficiency of your workloads.

Reducing infrastructure Costs

By customizing your infrastructure according to your needs, there will be a direct impact on your costs as it eliminates the investments in unnecessary products or services as well as reduce excessive consumption.

  By selecting datacenters which enable multi-cloud connects with multiple cloud providers the management of the server infrastructure becomes easier and prove beneficial for your enterprise. To know more, you can contact us as or log on to