What is Cloud Security and its benefits

Cloud security is a set of measures that is designed to secure the cloud-based infrastructure, information and data. These measures ensure user device authentication, access control and protection of client private data. Organization who tends to move from on-premises to cloud infrastructure, i.e- from bare metal to cloud solutions, can take the advantage of cloud security, as the services, tool and infrastructure are cloud based.


  • High Availability:

Cloud computing has an advantage of running the systems even at critical situation without any components failure with high availability and also features an advantage that it can accessed from anywhere.

  • Protection from DDOS attack:

Any providers whether it is on-premises or cloud solution has a concern from internet traffic attacks which is termed as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), which should be mitigated immediately or it will lead to completely or partial unavailability of your services. Cloud Security has the capability of real time monitoring preventing these types of attacks to occur on your cloud infrastructure.

  • Consolidated Security:

Cloud solutions provides robust cloud security that prevents intruders from tampering or taking control of your data and service. For more intense protections data should be protected with encryption, regular backup and multi-factor authentication for applications.

  • Access Control

Cloud Security has an intense ingress and egress filtering which allows only certain peoples to access the data in the cloud with multi-level security layers.

  • Data Masking

Cloud Security come with data masking encryption that masks the original data with pseudo data thus even when the security is breached the data will be intact with encryption.

Why is choosing service providers with robust cloud security important?

Cloud security has become more significant these data as we are providing third-party to access our data knowing or un-knowingly. The service provider has to take best interest in protecting your data within the cloud and thus choosing a service provider who has significant amount of knowledge and experience in the field is most important who can do regular security updates with the trends.

The cloud security has data protection standards that a service providers should follow; which  ensure the integrity and security for the client’s data.